Sunday, 10 March 2013

Shoe lifts for men

If you are a man and want to get taller heels to increase your height but don't want to wear high heels or elevator shoes... because you think that they are just far too noticeable and to be honest embarrassing to wear then why not get some shoe lifts instead?

Shoe lifts are used by men who are wanting to appear taller.. secretly though!

They give you a hidden height that nobody will suspect this is due to the fact that when you wear the shoe lifts they are out of sight and out of mind. Placed at the bottom of your shoes means that the insoles can boost your height and not raise suspicion from your friends. The adjustable height feature means that you can slowly add to your height over some time and for all your friends know your just growing taller... Clever right?

The shoe lifts are also comfortable to wear all day

You don't have to worry about your shoe lifts being uncomfortable if you buy them in the right shoe size.
Reason being? Well they have built in orthotics and most are not flat but have a tapered deign added to the lifts which will provide just the right amount of support that you will need. This all means that you can prevent footpain and wear them all day without any worry.

(Providing that is you buy the right ones with built in arch support and orthotics)

Where to buy shoe lifts

Online of course. Many website provide a wide selection of shoe lifts that you can buy for reasonable prices.... you can buy general fits all sizes insoles or custom made ones which are quite a bit more expensive. Remember the best materials to buy them in are ones that are made from either rubber, foam or silicone these are materials that absorb shock the best and give the best levels of support needed. A good place with a number of lifts to choose from is Nuovahealth, Nuovahealth is the place I always buy mine from... I used to get mine from another place but I found these ones are the most comfortable to wear.


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