Sunday, 10 March 2013

Shoe lifts for men

If you are a man and want to get taller heels to increase your height but don't want to wear high heels or elevator shoes... because you think that they are just far too noticeable and to be honest embarrassing to wear then why not get some shoe lifts instead?

Shoe lifts are used by men who are wanting to appear taller.. secretly though!

They give you a hidden height that nobody will suspect this is due to the fact that when you wear the shoe lifts they are out of sight and out of mind. Placed at the bottom of your shoes means that the insoles can boost your height and not raise suspicion from your friends. The adjustable height feature means that you can slowly add to your height over some time and for all your friends know your just growing taller... Clever right?

The shoe lifts are also comfortable to wear all day

You don't have to worry about your shoe lifts being uncomfortable if you buy them in the right shoe size.
Reason being? Well they have built in orthotics and most are not flat but have a tapered deign added to the lifts which will provide just the right amount of support that you will need. This all means that you can prevent footpain and wear them all day without any worry.

(Providing that is you buy the right ones with built in arch support and orthotics)

Where to buy shoe lifts

Online of course. Many website provide a wide selection of shoe lifts that you can buy for reasonable prices.... you can buy general fits all sizes insoles or custom made ones which are quite a bit more expensive. Remember the best materials to buy them in are ones that are made from either rubber, foam or silicone these are materials that absorb shock the best and give the best levels of support needed. A good place with a number of lifts to choose from is Nuovahealth, Nuovahealth is the place I always buy mine from... I used to get mine from another place but I found these ones are the most comfortable to wear.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Shoe lifts

Everyone even tall people want to be a little bit taller. Thanks to shoe lifts EVEN if you have stopped growing naturally you can cheat height and by wearing these height increasing insoles enhance your appearance and confidence by being as much as 3 inches taller. That's right i said 3 inches taller... it is made possible thanks to these shoe lifts.

How they work is quite simple yet very effective because they are hidden away at the bottom of your shoes..out of sight out of mind.

Anyway...shoe lifts give you taller heels which you are able to adjust however you want.

They are affordable to buy too. That means there really aint a excuse to be moaning about your height again.

(if you want to be eeeeeeeeeven taller i recommend doing stretches to improve posture as well :) )

I guess this is another reason what makes shoe lifts the option many people choose after trying to do a grow taller programme for months and not getting any results from it. But dont wait until that happens to you and you waste your time.


best way to grow taller after 21

Hope isnt lost after you reach 21.. in fact there are still lots of ways that you can try to increase your height even after you have stopped growing. (not everyone stops growing naturally at 21 it all depends)

stretching exercises can still work to improve posture making you taller.

Plus height increasing insoles would you beleieve are availble for you to buy that can/WILL increase your height at any age.

Just thought you should know these options....

How to get taller?


So you looking to get taller are you? Now you may have came across a bunch of websites trying to sell you a book to help you grow taller... How on earth can a book make you taller... it doesnt make any sense the only things that are goign to make you taller are hard work, you and some shoe lifts maybe.

Diet and stretching exercises alongside hours of hard work may increase your height by a little bit but it is all dependant really on your genetics and if you have stopped growing or not. That being said stretching exercises can enhance your posture wich may boost you height a little.

A good diet is needed to prevent stunted growth!

Shoe lifts though it guaranteed success... instantly.

No matter who you are wether you are still growing or have stopped shoe lifts will boost your height without much effort at all.

So dont buy a book that will just tell you things you already know... Total waste of time. But buy some shoe lifts and combine them with stretching exercises and diet to get taller.

Plus don't believe all these fake websites online because many of them are just trying to sell you these books for commission they don't care if they work or not.

A balanced diet needed to stop stunted growth

Whilst you are still in your growing years it is quite important to stand up straight and make sure that you dont slouch. GOOD POSTURE! it is equally important to make sure you have the right diet. A balanced one is best.
A balanced diet is needed... you mus make sure you provide your body with enough of the building blocks to fuel your growth. Not having a balanced diet can cause you to stunt your growth!
Eating foods rich in protein, let me list a few here for you:


Will not only create amino acids that its fundemental for growth it will keep you healthy.

Milk is also a good source of calcium which helps keeps your bones strong and healthy.

Just a few suggestions to help you grow to your full.

Avoid surgery to get taller use shoe lifts instead. Much easyier.

A much easier and better (less risky too) way to grow or appear taller is to wear shope lifts. Surgery isn't your only option if you are wanting to grow taller for appearance reasons. Shoe lifts are unnoticeable and used by loads of clever celebs and stars to enhance their height.

Gain authority and a presence people cannot ignore with the new added height shoe lifts will give you.

Taller-heels that is what shoe lifts give you and how they work, you can even adjust the height on the insole as well to add even more or even gradually build on your height over time to trick folks into thinking your growing taller by magic...(naturally).

If you have stopped growing naturally there isnt that much you can do to increase height apart from shoe lifts!

I wrote this post after reading a article on about avoiding height surgery

heel lifts for people wanting to be succesfull

Don't worry no more success is right around the corner in the form of a pair of heel lifts. What heel lifts really? Yes they can and will make you more successful thanks to the noticeable height increase that they will give you..and not over a couple of months but instantly so you will get a instant height and most importantly confidence boost.

Dont be fooled by people telling you that you gotta work really hard to increase your height with diet and height increase exercises...nonsense.

Heel lifts can easily give you a height increase that is WAY MORE than you can possibly get with height exercise and diet (plus diet and exercise is reliant on genetics mostly).

However diet and exercise is recommended and can still increase your height however it has got to be noted that diet will only work whilst your are in puberty and exercise doesn't make you grow but stretches out your body more and depends on how good your posture is at the moment as to just how effective it is.

But just think if you combine both diet and exercise and wearing heel lifts you will double your height... well maybe not double but you will increase your height even more...

Adjust the height over time for the best results and height increase that is unquestionable from other as they will just think that you NATURALLY GROWING TALLER.

Taller people are more successful than those who are not as tall, so making sure you are as tall as possible is a must if you want lots of money and success.

Taller people also have a better success rate and more frequently than not get the job in job interviews because there height gives the interviewer a better first impression, this is because physiologically taller people are more trusted, have more authority and seem to know what they are doing more thanks to having more self esteem and confidence.