Saturday, 9 March 2013

How to get taller?


So you looking to get taller are you? Now you may have came across a bunch of websites trying to sell you a book to help you grow taller... How on earth can a book make you taller... it doesnt make any sense the only things that are goign to make you taller are hard work, you and some shoe lifts maybe.

Diet and stretching exercises alongside hours of hard work may increase your height by a little bit but it is all dependant really on your genetics and if you have stopped growing or not. That being said stretching exercises can enhance your posture wich may boost you height a little.

A good diet is needed to prevent stunted growth!

Shoe lifts though it guaranteed success... instantly.

No matter who you are wether you are still growing or have stopped shoe lifts will boost your height without much effort at all.

So dont buy a book that will just tell you things you already know... Total waste of time. But buy some shoe lifts and combine them with stretching exercises and diet to get taller.

Plus don't believe all these fake websites online because many of them are just trying to sell you these books for commission they don't care if they work or not.


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